Electrodermal Screening


Electrodermal testing has been used successfully in Europe since  1953, It was developed by Dr. Reinhold Voll a German Doctor and acupuncturist. The German Electro-Acupuncture technique he  developed established a clear connection between acupuncture points and internal organs, functions and processes.

The procedure involves measuring potential differences (voltage)  between a tip electrode held against an acupuncture point and a  large surface electrode held by the patient. The  measurement is based on the resistance between the two, the acupuncture point and the electrode. This gives a clear reading of the flow of energy, or, as it's called in Traditional Chinese Medicine, QI. 

The EDS technique is founded on  the theory of acupuncture. Imbalances in Qi energy, according to TCM, are the foundations of disease. Many things can effect the Qi. Stress, not breathing properly, an unhealthy diet, not enough exercise, and more. For example, toxicity, heavy metals, chemicals, chronic  infections, viruses, mold, etc. Also emotions. According to TCM there are 7 primary emotions that effect various organs thus compromising QI.

CEDSA  or Computerized Electrodermal Screening Assesment is the version of EDS we use at our office. the electrodermal device is linked to a computer program called Vital to help identify the causes of imbalance in the body. Our training and certification was accomplished under the amazing Dr. James Hawver NMD. Dr. Hawver was mentored by Dr. George Goodheart, the founder of Applied Kinesiology, also called muscle testing. He taught how to use the testing to tap into the body's wisdom to find the causes for imbalance and how to best bring his patients back into balance. We were blessed to have this knowledge passed to us during our training. Dr Hawver incorporated his training of Dr. Goodhearts Applied Kineisiology with the  technology of the electrodermal machine. If you been to a Chiropractor that used Applied Kiniesiology, then you will be familiar with this process. The advantage here is the EDS machine being linked to a computer program with a huge data base. 


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