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  As a Professional herbalist I offer one on-one private herbal wellness consultations, using electrodermal screening. You will receive an individualized plan based on your specific needs. We feel it is important to listen to our clients and take their concerns seriously. In holistic healing, every aspect of your health and wellness is important. All aspects of the concerns you experience, whether they are emotional, physical, or spiritual, no matter how minor, will be taken into consideration. Traditional herbal medicine seeks to solve the underlying root of the imbalances causing concern. The consultation helps us to find the root of these imbalances. For optimum wellness we implement the use of Herbs, Homeopathy, Flower essences, Essential oils, supplements, and more.   


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The Greatest Wealth is Health!


"Health is having good digestion, good elimination, good circulation, good memory, plenty of energy and good sleep."  Khabir

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